Signature Cocktails

Signature Cocktails

Signature Drinks by our bartender Angelo De Valeri.

Over the 40 years of his bartending, Angelo De Valeri has prepared an innumerable amount of cocktails. His experience comes from his travels, his encounters and his passion for bartending. He has won major contests like the Martini Grand Prix, and worked with the finest professionals in the world. In the late 80s he came back to Rome and began working for the best hotels in the capital. For him, the bar counter is like a theatre’s stage, where the barman is not the main character, but only the spectator of what is happening on the other side of the counter. He is passionate about gin and says that the Martini is the cocktail he has prepared the most throughout his career. He is also a wine expert.

All Fresh:

Dry Gin, rosemary, cucumber peel, lemon, sugar and Schweppes Premium Mixer

Cherry Martini:

London Dry Gin, Ratafià, drops of black cherry

Fruitly G&T:

London Dry Gin, dehydrated fruits, pink pepper and Schweppes Premium Mixer Pink Pepper

Gold Martini:

London Dry Gin, Himalaya salt, pepper, a drop of olive oil

Pink Dream:

London Dry Gin, Strega Liqueur, lemon juice, raspberry syrup (1987 Young Bartenders Cup Winner)