We have a perfect serve for every Martini matched with the best selection of Gins: Classic, Premium, Superpremium and Ultrapremium


Gin of choice, French Vermouth, lemon or olive

Dry Martini (Montgomery):

Gin of choice, ice-wash French Vermouth, lemon or olive


Gin of choice, French Vermouth, brine olives


London Dry, French Vermouth, orange bitter, olive and just one squeeze of a lemon peel


Gin of choice, French Vermouth, Torino Italian Vermouth

On the rocks:

Classic on ice

The Vesper:

London Dry Gin, Vodka, Lillet blanc “Shaken and strain it in a champagne cup with a large and thin lemon peel. I am having only one but I like it strong, you got it?” James Bond Casino Royale

Double Frozen:

Gin or Vodka of choice, French Vermouth, 2 drops orange bitter stirred on fresh deep frozen ice for 30 seconds, lemon peel

Charlie Brown:

Bombay Sapphire, Grey Goose, on the rocks 2 olives and one time only twist of a lemon peel

Gold Martini:

London Dry Gin, Himalaya salt, pepper, a drop of olive oil

Cherry Martini:

London Dry Gin, Ratafià, drops of black cherry