The Gin Corner Roma

Who We Are

Discover the first bar in Italy dedicated to Gin
Located within the Hotel Adriano, The Gin Corner is the first bar in Italy dedicated entirely to Gin. Not only is it a hotel bar, but it is also a hangout for those passionate about gin and more.

The Gin Corner, located in the Hotel Adriano, was inaugurated in June 2013 and is open every night from 6pm to 12am.


The menu revolves around gin, naturally. The bar recommends a Gin & Tonic: the best way to appreciate the botanical flavours, and remember that no gin is better than other- it’s simply a question of taste. The same goes for His Majesty, the Martini: a great classic also featured on the menu and to which the Bar has dedicated particular attention.

A special section of the menu was personally curated by Patrick Pistolesi, who sums it up with the term “Essentials.